Best Anime Figures Fans Should Collect

Each anime has its respective action figures so choosing one is a hard thing to do. I will list the best anime figures one should buy for their collection.

Top 9 Anime Figures Fan Should Buy

Kai ToshikiNendoroid Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Kai Toshiki This is a well-crafted f Japanese figure, which holds flash cards and is perfectly suited in a gorgeous blue highlighting its professional personality. This official Nendroid figure is a brunette with beautiful green eyes contrasting with its cream colored skin. It has been painted perfectly and flawlessly and comes with various accessories and attachments. It also has a round shaped base, which keeps it stand tall . This 100 mm doll is due to be released in July 2013 and will be available for a very limited time. This is the perfect action figure for people looking for adventure.
Cecilia AlcottNendoroid IS (Infinite Stratos): Cecilia Alcott This is an incredibly cute action figure, which is to come in stock from August 2013. This is a comparatively larger doll with an extremely economical price of $ 36.90. This blonde haired Japanese doll with her gorgeous blue eyes, chubby figure, complimenting perfectly with the adorable frilled headband on her head will prove to be very popular among the younger customers. The most riveting thing about this action figure is the innocence in her angelic eyes and her soft creamy complexion as her skin has been painted flawlessly.
Nishizomi MihoNendoroid Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Nishizomi Miho This Japanese red haired doll is an extremely gorgeous action figure. It gives a somewhat girls scout look with a tie tied around her neck matching with her short green skirt. This doll is a perfect blend of sweetness and fierceness as it comes with accessories such as a tank and a remote controller. The destructive accessories contrast with her amiable personality and that is what makes this character so interesting. The accessories also include binoculars and headphones, which add up to the beauty of the action figure. The figure is 100 mm tall and is due to release in June 2013.
gintama gintoki figureGintama Gintoki Sakata DX Vol.1 PVC Figure Gintoki is the silver haired samurai from the Gintama series. He is quick to admire because of his picture perfect looks and killer style. The grace and the swiftness of being an ex-samurai is unmatched by any action figure available. His eyes are always focused on his blade, which show his determination for fighting at all times. The kimono of the anime figure is uniquely designed to differentiate him from all the others. This figure is all set to fight and can hold the sword effortlessly. Gintama is one of my favorite anime so I want to own all of its anime figures.
Nendoroid Kashiwazaki SenaNendoroid Kashiwazaki Sena Because of being bullied daily by Yozora Mikazuki, Sena is giving a chance to looks tough under this nendoroid form. And it is just one of 3 expressions set, upset looking face, a crying face and an expression with sparkling eyes.
MelonaNendoroid Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Melona This beautifully crafted pink candy colored doll is uniquely designed with shapes of two hands hanging from her hair, which cover her breasts. This is a seductive doll that winks and is shown as a tool for luring and distracting. This toy is for older people and is available in many faces varying from extremely innocent to seductive and cunning. This official Nendoroid is worth $37.90 and therefore is relatively affordable compared to other Nendroids. The innocence In her eyes in contrast with her seductive personality makes her a very interesting anime figure.
Kawakami Momoyo nendoroidNendoroid Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai! Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Kawakami Momoyo Kawakami Momoyo is a dedicated action figure that has originated from Japan and serves to be a popular choice amongst many children due to the fact that it is great for fighting. She is known to be a strong fighter who portrays her strength fully by her intense glare. The anime figurine can be arranged adequately in order to see all the action it packs in itself. The round eyed fighter can be acquired easily by paying $44.90 only and children are advised to not miss the great opportunity. She is 100mm tall and one can see her different reactions by slipping other faces.
DXF Figure Leila MalcalDXF Figure: Leila Malcal Banpresto Standing at 16cm is Leila Malcal. Another fascinating cute sexy Akito DXF figure. Her hair is smooth as silk with two lovely knots and gently flowing down to her waist.Leila Malcal is just another classic figure with cool zigzagged, sharp yellow edged top and a black mini skirt. Wearing uniform black boots and standing on a circular black maze gives it a unique cool view. She just looks incredible from behind! A nice gift for girls and boys who love this classic collectible.
GEM Series Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion R2 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted Figure: Zero (Re-run) ZeroZero stands at around 24cm in height. His arms and legs are pretty easy to bend; therefore, it can show various poses. He becomes more impressive with the cape on his shoulder. What is more, collectors can create their own scenes thanks to enclosed hand and mask parts. This action figure is really a wonderful gift for your boyfriend and even for girls who are fond of anime series about Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion.

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