Banpresto One Piece sculptures BIG 3 Volume Nightmare Luffy

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This action figure of Nightmare Luffy is a great collectible especially if you enjoy collecting Luffy action figures in his different forms. It captures the blue look of the character in Nightmare form and accurately portrays how he appears when his strength and powers are enhanced. The figure also has the enlarged hands that the character develops when he is in the Nightmare form. The dimensions of this figure measure 3.9 x 7.7. 5.1 inches.

Banpresto One Piece King of Artist The Bound Man

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This King of Artist The Bound Man action figure remains one of the most detailed and vividly colored figures of Luffy. It perfectly portrays the appearance of the One Piece hero when he is in the first form of Gear Fourth. The hardened limbs have the signature dark color, and the figure is even strapped by the trademark steam-like aura around him. It stands at dimensions of 8 x 5.9 x 3.9 inches and weighs 1.21 pounds. The product has the Bandai Import Collection sticker to show that it is authentic. This also shows that the quality of materials used is also better than other similar looking products.

Banpresto One Piece King of Artist Monkey D. Luffy (20th limited edition)

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Presented by Banpresto, this figure brings a whole new look to one of the most beloved characters of One Piece, Luffy. It is part of the King of Artist line of amazing figures by the Japanese company. In this action figure, Luffy is shown to be wearing an exquisite burgundy-colored suit. There is also a grand overcoat of the same color draped on one of his shoulders. The figure measures 3.9 x 5.9 x 8.1 and weighs 1.06 pounds. Fans do not expect to see the character with a look like this so it should come as a pleasant surprise. The unique look makes it a must-have for collectors of anime figurines.

Banpresto One Piece Monkey D. Luffy Action figure (Gear Fourth)

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This exciting action figure is part of Mr Yamauchi’s Memorial Work. It is a SCultures Big Zoukeiou special and can be used as a toy as well as a collectible figurine. Designed by the winner of Banpresto’s One Piece Figuring Tournament, it is a life-like replica of Luffy in Gear Fourth. The dimensions of the figure are 3.5 x 5.5 x 6.3 inches and it weighs 14.2 ounces. It captures the essence of Luffy’s appearance in Gear Fourth mode. It is an accurate figure with the same bodily proportions and shades (on the limbs and around the eyes) that the character has in the show when he is using the Gear Fourth technique.

Funko Pop Anime: One Piece Luffy action figure

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Developed by Funko, this figure is also one of the must-haves when it comes collectible figurines of Luffy. Funko gives the character a unique look by presenting it in the form of a Pop vinyl. This stylized collectible has dimensions of 3.5 x 3.5 x3.8 inches and weighs only 2.56 ounces.

  • From the hit anime One Piece, Luffy, as a stylized POP vinyl from Funko!
  • Stylized collectable stands 3 3/4 inches tall, perfect for any One Piece fan!
  • Collect and display all One Piece and anime Pop! Vinyls!

Nico Robin

Sometimes, it is good for you to spend time alone for it gives you the chance in discovering your true self. Also, it is better to be by yourself than to be with others who don’t even value you. Instead of showing everyone how you feel, you just shut them out just like how Nico Robin does most of the time.

A reserved, and quieter crew is what distinguishes Robin from the other One Piece characters. Although you might think of her as a “him”, her name just suits her personality. She seeks refuge and freedom in studying the world’s mysteries just as what most of the male crews do.

She has this adult charm about her for she has always shown her maternal care for others. But despite this quite demure personality of her, she has a somewhat hideous side of her that often points out morbid facts, which might just disgust you.

Although she is a relaxed type of person, she has a lot to show off as she possesses an outstanding amount of knowledge, especially in history. Moreover, in spite of her looks being so matured, she seems to have a child-like imagination, might as well just like you do too.

Among Robin’s most distinct characteristics is she doesn’t fear any situation for she is usually radiates positivity and cheerfulness. She has only shown fear in very few cases as she would never want to let others see who she really is.  

You might be alone at the moment with no one to trust. You might be pretending to be someone you are not just to avoid people. But someday, you will finally find someone whom you will share your thoughts and dreams with. For now, being alone might sound great. But always remember that no one is born in this world to be alone. You will find someone, too.


You know that there is this one person in your circle of friends who is not that normal. You have that weird friend of yours who is far from a bad thing. Sometimes, he might be a bit pervert but not to the point that he would be sexually harassing others. Although sometimes embarrassing to be with, you still love him and would not trade him for anything for he is the clown of the group. Being that friend is what Franky gets to be entitled of.

Franky shows up in the anime One Piece as a perverted weirdo. His suggestive dancing and language make him one of the weird ones of the crew. He is even addicted to cola, which would make you think of him as a walking refrigerator for always holding a drink. To him, it drives him to his machine gun hands, making him one of the unique characters in the series.

His real name is also as weird as his personality. You might not even remember his real name, which is Cutty Flam. That is why it was changed to Franky by his old companion, Iceburg, for it sounded weird.

You might think of him as an idiot at times, but he is exceptionally skilled at what he does building and fixing ships. He is also a helpful inventor. He is one of the strongest members of the crew not in skill but in actual strength being able to stop an elephant with only using his strength.

Although Franky is a weirdo, you might also be like him who can be an easy-going person but knows how to be serious when needed. Tom once said, “When a man makes a ship, he makes it part of himself with a don.” Just like Franky, of all the various ships he had built, he gave a part of himself wholeheartedly. And most importantly, he values his inventions as if they have their own lives.


Faking something is the most painful lie but it might be your most effective way to hide the pain you are dealing with. Sometimes, lies are your best medium to at least run away from your sorrow. Usopp is a living proof that you can wear any mask to cover your feelings and thoughts.

In One Piece, Usopp has been already cowardly, known to always lie. He enjoys sharing tall tales among strangers and friends. He is considered as Straw Hats’ comic relief and the crew’s weakest member. In spite of his constant lies, he still shows his unselfishness and compassion. And just like any other crew, he pushes himself to become a great pirate and to make himself a better man.

Usopp is also a hard working person who always keeps the crew safe. Most importantly, he is generous in helping any fellow crew member to accomplishing their own visions, not just striving for his own.

Nevertheless, despite his jolly personality, he is a sentimental and short-tempered pirate who cries when distressed. He used to be anxious, easily frightened, a compulsive liar, and insecure. But as time passed by, he was able to put aside his cowardice and insecurities.

Most of his lying was just his way to make him feel better. Some of his lies actually even helped and inspired other people. This is because sometimes, you have to fool someone for them not to get hurt. There are even times when you need to lie to yourself, just to ease the pain. But one thing is for sure. You might fool others, but you cannot run away from yourself. You will not find happiness anywhere, unless you become true to yourself. Do not get too harsh on yourself because showing what you really feel, is what truly eases the pain.


The journeys to one’s success are never easy. You have to deal with a lot of failures at first before being able to achieve your dreams. It is through hard work, passion, and drive that would bring you to your goals in life. Just as how “Cat Burglar” Nami does as the navigator of the Straw Hat Pirates, you must always be that well-driven person who never stops until you get to where you want to be.

Another character of One Piece, whom you might get related with is Nami. Even as a child, she showed a keen interest in drawing maps as well as navigation, and drawing a complete world map is her ultimate dream. Nonetheless, she doesn’t have enough money in buying navigation books. Thus, it had often led Nami to steal from her village’s bookshop.

If it were not because of what she did in the past, she would not be able to get where she has always wanted to be now. Her past was the reason why she sees money as freedom. You might be thinking that it is easy to say that money cannot buy happiness, but for her, it does.

Even though she is addicted to money, she also values friendship. She is a very appreciative person in a way that what you give her is always kept to be always reminded of you. Aside from being physically attractive, she also possesses a sweet and loving personality.

But what would surprise you is the fact that although Luffy is more powerful than her, she is the only one who can beat him up because she can beat his spirit up. Since she is a persistent and determined person, she always gets what she wants.

According to her, “Life is like a pencil that will surely run out, but will leave the beautiful writing of life.” She is known as the best navigator as she sees life like it. The way you see the world is how you live it. So always see yourself like her, who conquers everything to get to the finish line. Always keep going until you get there, Nami.

Roronoa Zoro

In life, you will meet someone whom you can either share your laughter with or shed your tears with. You will find someone who will have your back when things got rough. You will have someone who neither leads nor follows, but walks with you. And sometimes you will know when you have found them even if you have not yet met them. Just like how Luffy found his Zoro, eventually, you will find yours, too.

From the start of One Piece series, Luffy was able to recruit 11 members to join the Straw Hat pirates. His dedication is strong to ensure his crew is cared for and well protected. Until one day, he learned from his long-time friend, Coby, of Zoro’s formidable repute. Instead of getting scared, the excitement filled Luffy in the possibility of locating him and be able to recruit him. Thus, Zoro is the only crew that Luffy wanted to invite before even meeting him.

Roronoa Zoro can be considered as one of One Piece’s strongest and prominent characters. Just like Luffy, he is a well-driven person whose goal is becoming the strongest swordsman in the world. That is why he is the perfect choice to serve as Luffy’s right-hand man on his journey to become the Pirate King as they get along as best buddies.

Zoro, as what you might call a true a friend of Luffy, also has the same traits as him. Aside from being strong, he is also powerful and famous. As Luffy’s right-hand, he is such a trustworthy and loyal person that even when the crew breaks up, he will be the only one who will stay with Luffy. That is how he treasures friendship.

However, his way of thinking is juvenile as he always wants to win an argument about whether he is right or wrong. But when it comes to women, he has his perspective that you should not treat them differently than you treat men, because, for him, gender should not decide how you treat a person.

Moreover, aside from his attractive looks, he is also smart and good in business. He is also helpful and generous as he gives small sessions for the whole crew to teach them basic skills in weaponry and hand-to-hand combat as an alternative in case, they could not use their abilities.

It is so rare to find someone who will stick with your side no matter what happens in today’s generation. So, if you are able to have a person like him, keep and cherish him. If you still have not found him yet, just wait or better yet, be like Zoro in a world full of traitors.