Figma Figures

Figma is a new type of action figure from Good Smile Company. It also has replaceable parts and its detail is at the highest quality.

Where to buy figma action figures online

Amazon With the help of online retailing and purchasing- we can now comfortably order and have them shipped. Remember, not all retailers’ sale genuine products. Figures with GSM Logo are a hot cake in the market because they are trusted quality and original items. Not all sites are offering these original products. Amazon has been for many a trusted retailer. Amazon purchase has proven durability to its customers and one look at the line of action figures offered- they are all by Good Smile Company. That’s what we call mark of quality. Top brands are listed and quite a variety of them to choose from. The Hong-Kong based Play-Asia is a home of action figures in Asia. They import from their makers and sell them internationally. They offer best deals in the market and quite a variety of them. have amazing offers, gifts and very competitive prices. Wherever in Asia you may be, this is a trusted retailer which will give you what you really deserve on the right time,. With many fake figma figures in market there won”t be any need for anyone to gamble his money and risk to buy fake items when can simply give you original GSM items at best deals. They are great collectors items and it is highly recommended to make purchase of either of the these two leading online retailers. They have wonderful offers and deals at interesting super saver prices. Mark of quality guaranteed and safe shipment.

Tips on buying figma figures

Considering 5 tips below if you are interested on buying a figure. 1) Be vigilant about fake figma figure and know the features of the fake ones as they come in low quality boxes and their color is dull & pale not sharp and vivid like the original. 2) Some figma figures will have crappy quality which is easily detectable, it is highly recommended and advisable to search and seek first to know about them before purchasing. Reading reviews and comments by others before purchasing is ideal. 3) They must have a (Good Smile Company) GSC logo. Without it, means it is fake. 4) Insist to be given a full item description and information. 5) They say if the deal is too good, think twice!. If a figma will cost so cheap – like less than 30 dollars then it must be fake or scam. Buying from trusted retailers is an absolute and a sure way to acquire a genuine item.

My recommended figma figures

Sword Art Online: Kirito kirito You can own the figma version of Kirito, from Sword Art Online. This figma has joints which are both smooth and easily posable, allowing you to place him in any scene you choose. Flexible plastic in important areas allows the figure to be durable without restricting the flexibility. Kirito comes with two swords: ‘Elucidator’ and ‘Dark Repulser.” Each sword also includes effect parts, and can be stored on Kirito’s back for non-combat poses. The figma is fully articulated and comes with a stand, allowing you to place him into various poses. Kirito includes three expressions: standard, shouting and lazy. Attack on Titan: Mikasa Ackerman Mikasa Ackerman From the wildly successful series Attack on Titan, you can now own the figma action figure of Mikasa Ackerman. Mikasa’s joints are both fully posable and smooth, allowing you to place her in any number of poses, whether it’s action or non-combat. Three expressions are included with the figure: standard expression with no emotion, a shouting expression and finally clenched teeth. Mikasa’s comes with her dual blades for combat poses, as well as her Vertical Movement Equipment with smoke effects. Small hooks and wires shoot from the equipment.A figma stand is included with the figure, which lets you place her in various poses. Sword Art Online: Asuna Asuna From Sword Art Online, you too can own the figma action figure of Asuna. The figures fully articulated joints are both smooth and sturdy, allowing you to place her in any pose you choose. Flexible plastic is used on the figure to allow it to keep its shape, but not affect the flexibility of the joints. Asuna comes with her weapon “Lambent Light” as well as “Silveric Rapier,” with which she started the game. Both swords have effects parts which can be attached to enhance the look of the figure. Asuna comes with three expressions: smiling, shouting and pouting. A figure stand is also included. Vocaloid: Luka Megurine Vocaloid Luka Megurine Luka Megurine, from the Character Vocal Series can be yours for your collection of figures. Luka has fully articulated joints to let you simulate any scene and durable plastic will keep the figure in good shape while not restricting its flexibility. Luka comes with a standard face and a singing face. Also included are “Ooma-san,” the tuna fish, and a classic mic for singing. A figure stand is included in the package, allowing you to pose Luka however you wish. The attention to fine detail on this figure makes Luka an excellent addition to your figure collection. Evangelion 2.0: Rei Ayanami Evangelion 2.0 Rei Ayanami The Max Factory version figma of Rei Ayanami is available to add to your collection. From the series Evangelion 2.0, this figure comes with fully articulated joints which let you pose her in any range of action scenes. The figure comes with interchangeable heads as well as a cockpit Entry Plug to let you recreate any scenes from the show. The plastic is sturdy to let the figure keep its proper form and doesn’t affect the smooth articulation found in the joints. If you’re a fan of anime, this is a figure you should definitely add to your collection.

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