You know that there is this one person in your circle of friends who is not that normal. You have that weird friend of yours who is far from a bad thing. Sometimes, he might be a bit pervert but not to the point that he would be sexually harassing others. Although sometimes embarrassing to be with, you still love him and would not trade him for anything for he is the clown of the group. Being that friend is what Franky gets to be entitled of.

Franky shows up in the anime One Piece as a perverted weirdo. His suggestive dancing and language make him one of the weird ones of the crew. He is even addicted to cola, which would make you think of him as a walking refrigerator for always holding a drink. To him, it drives him to his machine gun hands, making him one of the unique characters in the series.

His real name is also as weird as his personality. You might not even remember his real name, which is Cutty Flam. That is why it was changed to Franky by his old companion, Iceburg, for it sounded weird.

You might think of him as an idiot at times, but he is exceptionally skilled at what he does building and fixing ships. He is also a helpful inventor. He is one of the strongest members of the crew not in skill but in actual strength being able to stop an elephant with only using his strength.

Although Franky is a weirdo, you might also be like him who can be an easy-going person but knows how to be serious when needed. Tom once said, “When a man makes a ship, he makes it part of himself with a don.” Just like Franky, of all the various ships he had built, he gave a part of himself wholeheartedly. And most importantly, he values his inventions as if they have their own lives.

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