What is Nendoroid?

What is nendoroid?

Nendoroid is what we may call the masterpiece artwork designed from the influence of fame, beauty and amazing capabilities of particular Japanese anime, Vocaloid series and characters from the games! The nendoroids are quality figurines expressed in amazement to look impressively realistic and make one think they are alive. nendoroids have bigger heads and small bodies thus they may flip off easily. In purchasing, one must be very keen and inquire and ensure its stand are accorded. Generally, they must have movable body parts so that the entertainment of having them depict different postures and style can be expressed.

Some Cute Nendoroid

Kuonji AliceNendoroid Mahoutsukai no Yoru: Kuonji Alice This figure is dressed in all black reflecting its dark and gloomy side. It has been added with accessories such as a Russian hat and a ¾ length black dress. This product comes with other accessories such as a blue bird as her companion and a black drape to wrap around the doll. The base is quite interesting as it has been given a crescent moon shaped chair to sit on which is in a dull golden color and she has ben given cheek blushes to add to her face.This official nendoroid figure is worth $ 39.90 and is available for a limited time only.
Nendoroid Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse Takamura YuiNendoroid Takamura Yui This official Nendriod action figure is a well built and fierce action figure. Its well-built orange and black costume clearly shows that the figure is ready for action. The figure comes with various accessories to compliment with the battle scenes she is to fights including alien figures. She has also been given a gun to assist her in fighting battles as well as a pan. This toy comes with around base to hold the figure upright. The doll is perfect for the kind of girls who like to be more than just girls and take up challenges and battles.
Nendoroid Hoshikuzu Witch MeruruNendoroid Hoshikuzu Witch Meruru This is an incredibly girlish and adorable figure. It is perfect for the sweet and girly ones who like to indulge in their femininity. It is beautifully dressed in pink and white with a beautiful red bow tied at the top of its head. It comes with various accessories including a wand, a rabbit and acute red colored handbag. This doll is also unique for its heart shaped red colored base, which goes perfectly with her loving personality. This Japanese doll is 100 mm tall and was released in May 2013.
Naegi MakotoDanganronpa the Animation: Naegi Makoto Appearing in series “Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Kokousei The Animation”, main chacracter of story: Naegi Makoto existed under figma shape. He comes with three expressions: uncertain standard expression, shouting expression and surprised expression. Among these expressions, I really like his surprised expression. Thanks to this expression, collectors can create different scenes with other figmas and needless to say, they will have many interesting poses . In addition, he also comes with a witness stand and a “confutation” sign in order that surely you can recreate scenes from the class trials. This figma will be released on Dec, 2013 so let order it to possess a great one.
hidamari nendoroidNendoroid Hidamari Sketch x Hanikamu: Miyako The best thing about Nendoroid Miyako is that it comes in various attachments and faces. There are various options of facial features to choose from and each product is as brilliantly crafted. This blonde haired doll is beautifully dressed in a red top with a red skirt. This is the perfect figure for young females with its innocence and angelic looks highlights the perfect happy-go-lucky school going female. This yellow-eyed doll also comes as a brunette with short hair and the accessories attached with it include a rice bowl and a wall hanging written in Chinese.
sonic Nendoroid Sonic the Hedgehog: Sonic This is another nendoroid version of the adorable smirk hedgehog. Its expressions can be simply expressed by swapping around to expose different scenes. After assembling the running leg parts, then set up different obstacles on the path. The golden ring package makes the stage. That sparkling emerald will be the ultimate winning prize for successfully passing through the obstacles. It is a nice item. Attractive and Fun to play with.

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