Nico Robin

Sometimes, it is good for you to spend time alone for it gives you the chance in discovering your true self. Also, it is better to be by yourself than to be with others who don’t even value you. Instead of showing everyone how you feel, you just shut them out just like how Nico Robin does most of the time.

A reserved, and quieter crew is what distinguishes Robin from the other One Piece characters. Although you might think of her as a “him”, her name just suits her personality. She seeks refuge and freedom in studying the world’s mysteries just as what most of the male crews do.

She has this adult charm about her for she has always shown her maternal care for others. But despite this quite demure personality of her, she has a somewhat hideous side of her that often points out morbid facts, which might just disgust you.

Although she is a relaxed type of person, she has a lot to show off as she possesses an outstanding amount of knowledge, especially in history. Moreover, in spite of her looks being so matured, she seems to have a child-like imagination, might as well just like you do too.

Among Robin’s most distinct characteristics is she doesn’t fear any situation for she is usually radiates positivity and cheerfulness. She has only shown fear in very few cases as she would never want to let others see who she really is.  

You might be alone at the moment with no one to trust. You might be pretending to be someone you are not just to avoid people. But someday, you will finally find someone whom you will share your thoughts and dreams with. For now, being alone might sound great. But always remember that no one is born in this world to be alone. You will find someone, too.

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