Roronoa Zoro

In life, you will meet someone whom you can either share your laughter with or shed your tears with. You will find someone who will have your back when things got rough. You will have someone who neither leads nor follows, but walks with you. And sometimes you will know when you have found them even if you have not yet met them. Just like how Luffy found his Zoro, eventually, you will find yours, too.

From the start of One Piece series, Luffy was able to recruit 11 members to join the Straw Hat pirates. His dedication is strong to ensure his crew is cared for and well protected. Until one day, he learned from his long-time friend, Coby, of Zoro’s formidable repute. Instead of getting scared, the excitement filled Luffy in the possibility of locating him and be able to recruit him. Thus, Zoro is the only crew that Luffy wanted to invite before even meeting him.

Roronoa Zoro can be considered as one of One Piece’s strongest and prominent characters. Just like Luffy, he is a well-driven person whose goal is becoming the strongest swordsman in the world. That is why he is the perfect choice to serve as Luffy’s right-hand man on his journey to become the Pirate King as they get along as best buddies.

Zoro, as what you might call a true a friend of Luffy, also has the same traits as him. Aside from being strong, he is also powerful and famous. As Luffy’s right-hand, he is such a trustworthy and loyal person that even when the crew breaks up, he will be the only one who will stay with Luffy. That is how he treasures friendship.

However, his way of thinking is juvenile as he always wants to win an argument about whether he is right or wrong. But when it comes to women, he has his perspective that you should not treat them differently than you treat men, because, for him, gender should not decide how you treat a person.

Moreover, aside from his attractive looks, he is also smart and good in business. He is also helpful and generous as he gives small sessions for the whole crew to teach them basic skills in weaponry and hand-to-hand combat as an alternative in case, they could not use their abilities.

It is so rare to find someone who will stick with your side no matter what happens in today’s generation. So, if you are able to have a person like him, keep and cherish him. If you still have not found him yet, just wait or better yet, be like Zoro in a world full of traitors.

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