Faking something is the most painful lie but it might be your most effective way to hide the pain you are dealing with. Sometimes, lies are your best medium to at least run away from your sorrow. Usopp is a living proof that you can wear any mask to cover your feelings and thoughts.

In One Piece, Usopp has been already cowardly, known to always lie. He enjoys sharing tall tales among strangers and friends. He is considered as Straw Hats’ comic relief and the crew’s weakest member. In spite of his constant lies, he still shows his unselfishness and compassion. And just like any other crew, he pushes himself to become a great pirate and to make himself a better man.

Usopp is also a hard working person who always keeps the crew safe. Most importantly, he is generous in helping any fellow crew member to accomplishing their own visions, not just striving for his own.

Nevertheless, despite his jolly personality, he is a sentimental and short-tempered pirate who cries when distressed. He used to be anxious, easily frightened, a compulsive liar, and insecure. But as time passed by, he was able to put aside his cowardice and insecurities.

Most of his lying was just his way to make him feel better. Some of his lies actually even helped and inspired other people. This is because sometimes, you have to fool someone for them not to get hurt. There are even times when you need to lie to yourself, just to ease the pain. But one thing is for sure. You might fool others, but you cannot run away from yourself. You will not find happiness anywhere, unless you become true to yourself. Do not get too harsh on yourself because showing what you really feel, is what truly eases the pain.

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